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[TRANS] EXO Fun Facts [6]
These are facts that were translated from korean sasaeng sites and are not proven the hundred percent truth. PLEASE do take these with a grain of salt.
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1.Kris is 187cm tall; shoe size 43. Chanyeol is 185cm tall; shoe size 46.

2.Sehun flashes his underwear the most, out of all the members during performances.

3.Kai and Chanyeol have been labeled  “pigs”; as they have the largest appetites.

5.Lay is always made fun the most in M, Luhan was the most popular guy in his high school back then.

6.Tao likes to play with Baekhyun.

7.Baekhyun likes to compare feet size with Chanyeol.

8.Suho is the type of guy who would wear singlets and shorts when going out.

9.Sehun would use any shiny object as a mirror.

10.Luhan and Sehun always visit the bubble tea shop near the company.

11.Kai often tells really lame jokes that only he will understands and laugh.

12.D.O. always lose at rock-paper-scissors.

13.Chanyeol likes looking at his reflection and taking selcas.

14.Suho always bring Sehun along with him when he goes out.

15..Chanyeol fancies canvass shoes.

16.Tao teaches the other members wushu in the dorms.

17.Baekhyun calls his hyung every day.

18.Sehun likes pulling pranks on the other members.

19.All the members like bubble tea.

20.Kris does his beauty regimen before sleeping.

21 .Baekhyun and D.O. would often team up to bully Chanyeol.

22.Kris and Suho have more private lives than the other members

23. If any socks in the dorm are damaged, it must have been worn by Lay or Tao

24.Korean fans have once seen Suho and Sehun enter a men’s underwear store together.

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