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[TRANS] EXO Fun Facts [5]
These are facts that were translated from korean sasaeng sites and are not proven the hundred percent truth. PLEASE do take these with a grain of salt.
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  1. Luhan enjoys creating “chaos” together with Lay.
  2. Se Hun seems to be conjoined with Luhan because wherever Luhan is, he would also be there with him.
  3. On stage, Sehun seems nervous, he doesn’t talk as much as he does offstage. He is the youngest and still inexperienced so he can only watch the older members talk on the sideline. But at the same time he is listening and thinking on what to say during his turn.
  4. In private, Sehun sometimes acts like the “on-stage” Chanyeol.
  5. Kris and Luhan interact with each other really manly.
  6. In private, Kris is also very inexpressive,strict and at the same time affectionate, responsible, but not very good at expressing himself with words. However, he’s only a 22 year old boy, so he also has his moments of being immature and childish.
  7. Chanyeol likes to fiddle with his phone.
  8. Chanyeol loves to play around. He blanks out easily but he is full of ideas, and when he is together with Luhan the both of them will brainstorm on what pranks to play.
  9. When Luhan sleeps he has this habit of putting an arm under his pillow. He says it’s more comfortable that way.
  10. Tempers: Every member has it. Luhan is the type who will voice out if  he is angry unlike Lay who would bottle it up inside and keep it till he explode.
  11. Tao and Kris are actually very similar to each other. Also fans, do not give Tao any more bags, what he needs now is a hairband. [?]
  12. Actually Luhan is not as obsessed towards bubble teas as much as Sehun is. In fact, Tao loves bubble teas more than him. Kris also likes Coke.

cr; BaekWon踩脚先生V via yixingology

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