dolly. 940924 任何形容詞都不足以形容我們张艺兴的美好~♡ Yixing? [ ]
1) Main OTP’s in Korea: BaekYeol, ChanHun, KaiSoo

    Main OTP’s in Thailand: KrisYeol, HunHan

2) Suho’s personality is very warm, he and D.O. were good friends even before debut

3) D.O. is chosen as the most easy going member.

4) Sehun, Kai, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Lay and Suho all share a long friendship

5) Sehun is very different from how he looks, he looks like an innocent child but is actually frank and doesn’t like to pretend & be fake

6) Kris’ is very strong physically and emotionally, he knows how to take care of people very well and is fesponsible. However, he’s only a 22 year old boy, so he also has his moments of being immature and childish

7) Tao doesn’t even know how to make someone happy, thats why Kris says that he’s very innocent.

8) SM takes care of EXO very well and praise them often

9) Lay is described as “determined”, “hardworking” and “humble”. He sacrificed a lot in his 4 years and training, his loneliness is unimaginable.

10) Luhan has a baby face and is childish. He likes to play and laugh really hard therefore ruining his cute image. He gets along with the rest quite well.

11) Baekyeol’s relationship is very childish and immature, they are the loudest.

12) Sehun likes to eat lollipops, he is often found sucking a lollipop outside of the building.

13) Rumor has it that “Thailand MAMA CB Site” (EXO fanpage in Thailand) is organized by the daughter of the “Ku” royal family

cr: EXO私生大爆料

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