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Why I like Yixing? (c)

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 When Sehun gets hugged by a kid
Anonymous said:
i hate how people are saying that it's no big deal because it's just a speculation and not an actual spoiler, but that kind of thing fucks with people's head. it will constantly make us wonder whether that really is the actual plot, so it will cause us to just focus on that speculation while watching every scene with kyungsoo in it and that kinda ruins the excitement of seeing him in every new episode... oTL

my thoughts exactly, everyones just gonna nitpick on his every scene to compare with the ~*”speculation”*~

sehun, out  (⌐■_■)

hey, don’t be too far from me

[140725] The past few days, together with Little Pride, his long journey (shooting) had finally come to an end. Really can’t bear to leave the set, it’s such a likeable place. At the same time Xiao Lu’s movie has been wrapped up. AB Style also finished his own Korean variety show. This Chinaline trio are working really hard together at the same time but in their own respective areas, meaningfully spending their lives every single day. After a day’s rest, they would meet once again for their concert. This feeling is beautiful and I would specially treasure this.

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i like the internet bc people actually think im cute 

He is a cold blooded monster;

He is a cold blooded monster;

Did you say $uho?

Imagine Suho serenading you in front of a live audience