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Why I like Yixing? (c)

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singing in the rain

singing in the rain

140724 Smoking Hot Kim Kai

[140729 CHANGSHA Concert Fanaccount]

This concert is one of my most unforgettable memories, so I’m going to write a part of my personal experience and also my impression about Yixing.

Ever since I knew that they’re holding a concert in Changsha, I was really excited and very happy because I too, wanted to watch.Zhang Yixing is going to hold a concert in his hometown, and particularly, last 5/11 Yixing asked: “Everyone will watch our concert right?”~ and we already replied “Of course we will!!”. Somehow, must be able to experience living at his hometown, to visit the previous school he once was in, to breathe the air that he breathed, to walk the streets that he walked, to ride in a cab like he did.

On the 25th, I set off at 10 in the morning from Zhejiang. There were no direct trains to Changsha so I had to transfer from one train to the other. The typhoon also delayed the travel- all sorts of getting myself delayed I went through them. After a day and night of suffering, I finally arrived on the 26th, 7 in the morning. At last, Changsha! An older sister (another Yixing fan) came to pick me up. I just barely arrived in Changsha along with the other fans but we have to start preparing for Yixing’s fansupport. Honestly, they already started preparing for his various fansupports a week before. To experience it first hand, I finally understand how difficult it is to do fansupports, let alone that it’s only my second day in Changsha. But thinking of the fact that this is Yixing’s hometown, it is important that we need to even do better.

A. Setting up the tents (stalls)

On 9 in the morning of the 26th, @忘思菲菲 together with me, went ahead of @张蛋蛋的辣妈 to the concert venue to help everyone out. We consulted 辣妈-jiejie (@张蛋蛋的辣妈) about the tents that were to be prepared that night. She was from Zhuzhou (a city in Hunan), but she hurriedly drove her car and came over. The weather that time was stuffy and very hot. We went back to the venue again and looked for the person in charge to discuss the matters regarding the tents.  @忘思菲菲 already talked it over with them beforehand.

But later on, they unexpectedly told us that we can’t set up our tents, unless we secure a local permit. We need to tick 5 needed requirements for that; we resorted to follow the city’s electronic management procedures. At that time, 辣妈-jiejie was really exhausted; she had a hard time making calls. It was a Saturday so the staffs are off duty and wouldn’t want to deal with work, and with people. The city’s local government just had to restrict us for setting up our tents when everything’s already prepared and done.

We don’t have tents incase the weather changes, but not only that, the bigger issue is that we might not have a place to gather the fans in the first place. At that time we were really freaking out, especially the both of them. Few days before, they already began with the preparations for the fansupport, going to places, calling various people, contacting local orgs, etc. Their voices almost hoarse, also lacking in sleep.

The things regarding the tents didn’t resolve until night time, so we made reservations and booked an entire restaurant located near the south gate. In the event that things won’t work out tomorrow, we can use it. But then again we need to gather a lot of fans to do the fansupport. The restaurant is definitely not big enough to accomodate this number of people. We’re forced to think of other means.

Until 1 past midnight, we decided that if the city officers would come and tear down our tents, then we will go fight a guerilla war with them. When they demolished it, we ran away. When they were done, we went back and build the tents again.

So, infront of the venue’s entrace, in the middle of the road, 6 tents were in place and 2 cars. 辣妈-jiejie rented a tent, me together with MR107, other casual fansites, the other well known fansites including the frontline jiejies also started setting up their own stalls. All tents were already taken up. Everyone was putting up things on their stalls; things that can easily be dismantled. The rolled up banners were covering up their stalls. Some materials were still packed in boxes. Since a lot of fansites are beginning to set up their own, it’s not easy to grab your own lot. Everyone’s carrying tomorrow’s preparation with them, so everyone’s ready to fight back.

It was already past 2 in the morning when we finished setting up. @忘思菲菲 had to prepare with activities at the airport tomorrow. I was also tasked with this, along with other xingmi.  We must get out of bed at 5, take a cab and go to the aiport, so we rushed back to the hotel to prepare. Already packed up and ready for bed, it was already 3, we only have to sleep for not more than an hour and then continue the activities for the next day. MR107, casual fans, and other fansites took turns in watching the stalls. They stayed up all night, guarding the tents. They really worked hard. ❤


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